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oil and acrylic on collaged canvas
31 x 55 inches

I collect photographs like children collect baseball cards or stamps. Photos of family and friends are framed all over my home and more are pressed securely in albums on my bookshelf. These photos are my tangible hoard of memories. They are insurance against my fear of forgetting.

Like photographs, this painting lends permanence to the impermanent. After I lost my grandfather, I feared forgetting all of the things that his life meant to me. The urge to preserve his stories, quirks and joy was relentless. I wanted to preserve his love for my grandmother and his children...even the way he spoke.

The preservation process began in my sketchbook where I gathered memories and let them simmer. I collaged elements from my notes directly onto canvas. Newspaper articles, bits of text, drawings and photographs prime the surface for paint. Like life experiences, this factual evidence is sealed behind a face of acrylic, and a snapshot memory is painted over top in oil. When complete, the canvas becomes an object in itself, replete in it’s own layers of memory.

Permanent collection of the artist.